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Finding Peace and Joy after Divorce

A Christian Divorce Support Group Ministry for Churches and Help for Individuals

Divorce Support

Peace after Divorce groups in churches in over 50 cities, have proven to be a life-changing experience for participants across the country. Click the appropriate tab to learn how to lead a group at your church or find a group in your area.

Healing from Divorce

We believe healing from divorce is a decision, a process, and a journey of faith. Peace after Divorce offers strategies to help you in each of these areas.

Coping with Divorce

It can be difficult to understand why this happened and where to turn. God loves you and has provided tools to help you through this. The Peace after Divorce Workshop and book help point the way.

You’re Not Alone

Without a doubt, separation and divorce can foster some of the most painful experiences in your lifetime. It may be common to feel alone and isolated, but you don’t have to! Our grace-filled workshops bring together Christians and seekers who are all looking for lasting peace and a renewed sense of self.

From the Blog

What They’re Saying

Testimonial 1

People hurting from divorce need immediate help. I believe in this ministry because I’ve watched as it helps people prayerfully take responsibility for their own healing.
Church of the Holy Cross

Testimonial 2

Peace after Divorce is very easy to offer. It truly is effective in helping people heal from divorce and draw closer Christ.
United Methodist Church

Testimonial 3

I appreciate the opportunity this workshop group has given me to heal my own soul and help others as well!
Lisa, Participant

Testimonial 4

This program brings grace, hope and peace into the divorce experience. Thank you, thank you for your witness to God’s love!
Holy Trinity Church

Testimonial 5

For two years after she left I just sat in my apartment. The Peace after Divorce group turned my life around.
Glenn, Participant

Testimonial 6

Peace after Divorce offers practical tools combined with the truth of God’s Word. Together, these bring about healing from divorce as well as Godly wisdom applicable to all of life’s future joys and messes.
Seacoast Church

Testimonial 7

You will never know what the course did for me. I was wrapped up in a lot of hate and anger. I’m now a happy well-adjusted, member of this church.
Gary, participant