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Reasons Churches Choose Peace after Divorce:

Christ-Centered and Meaningful Support

Share God’s grace and hope while supporting participants with actionable strategies they can use to make prayerful healing choices. Scripture-based and keenly focused on the issues of coping with and moving beyond divorce this group study has proven effective across denominational lines. You’ll find session overviews at the bottom of this page.

Easy to Offer

The Facilitator Handbook and support materials make Peace after Divorce easy to offer. Eight ninety-minute sessions make a manageable time commitment and the video length of no more than 20 minutes per session allows ample time for meaningful group discussion

Adaptable to Online or In-Person Groups

Reach people where they are in these changing times with a group that can easily be offered in person or online.

The Facilitator Handbook provides tips for successfully offering Peace after Divorce either in-person or virtually.

Perfect for Community Outreach

When people are hurting from divorce they need help that supports healing of their hearts and souls. It can be hard for them to know where to turn for real-life faith-based support. Let it be your church. People who attend Peace after Divorce groups make meaningful connections that often lead to further involvement in the church.

Affordable Start-Up Materials

You can start a Peace after Divorce group at your church for about 41% less than another leading Christian divorce group.  And, it’s even a better deal now that we have discounted the price due to COVID. Plus, you can recoup the cost of leader materials over time by charging participants a small fee if you wish.

Pastor Testimony

How to Start a Peace after Divorce Group at Your Church

STEP 1:  Order Church Facilitator Materials

You’ll Get Downloadable and Streamable Access to:

  • 8 Session Videos
  • divorce support groupBonus Session Video for Parents
  • Facilitator Handbook
  • 2 Promo Videos
  • Support Documents
  • Promo Tips and a Customizable Brochure Document

STEP 2:  Order Books or Have Participants Order their Own Books

  • Order books for your group or you may take your church out of the process by having participants order their books.
  • A book is essential for each participant and each facilitator.
  • An updated version has just been released so be sure everyone knows to order the Peace after Divorce book with the blue dove on the cover.
  • Use or share this Book Order Link.


Now 25% Off Group Facilitator Materials

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Overview of Session Topics

Session 1
Take Charge
The choice is yours, you don’t have to settle with living in the past or being one of the walking wounded. With God’s help you can become proactive about healing and you can thrive. Jump start your journey as Renee introduces the workshop, encourages you with hope, and shares 7 foundations for healing.

Session 2
Seek Renewal
You want to heal from divorce but where do you start? You may be surprised. Find out how you can avoid problems and set yourself up for success by learning to make solid prayerful decisions about the changes in your life.

Session 3
Untie the Emotional Knot
How do you stop the pain and untie the emotional knot? As tempting as it may be, brushing emotions away doesn’t lead to peace. This session discusses the emotional divorce and outlines 6 foundations for breaking emotional ties.

Session 4
Look Inside
You know that fear, guilt, regrets, rejection, loss, grief, and a wounded sense of self-worth can all be a part of the fallout of divorce. But how do you process all of this? This session shares insights and tools that support healing in these areas.

Session 5
Cast Away Stones
Hurt, anger and harsh feelings toward your former spouse may be justified. But, living your life in bitterness will deepen a victim mindset and steal your joy. This life-changing session clarifies the concept of forgiveness and shares how forgiving frees you to focus on your own healing.

Session 6
Redirect Your Thoughts
Learn how taking control of your thoughts can reduce your emotional vulnerability and increase your sense of peace. Renee shares powerful tools you can use again and again to replace unhealthy thoughts with thoughts that move you to a more joyful and peaceful life.

Session 7
Choose Your Actions
Dealing with your ex or soon-to-be-ex is stressful, in part because divorce redefines your relationship. Learn how knowing your rights and responsibilities can help you set healthy boundaries. Renee also outlines five guidelines for communicating with your ex and shows how they are rooted in the Word of God.

Session 8
Consider What’s Next
God didn’t create you just to exist. This session talks about moving forward with a focus on developing your own goals and dreams as well as how not to carry old wounds into new relationships. God does have a plan for your life; you can “go out in joy and be led forth in peace.”


Now 25% Off Group Facilitator Materials

Use Code 25OFF – Offer Ends October 31, 2021

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