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The Need is Real

Divorce is confusing for everyone.  We want marriages to succeed and when they don’t churches are often at a loss for how to help.  Yet, divorce is a reality in our society.  And, where there is divorce, there is pain and turmoil. With that pain and turmoil comes a deep need for grace-filled spiritual healing. People need a place where they can not only find a Christian divorce support group but also learn practical skills for moving forward with hope and faith.

How Your Church Can Help

The Peace after Divorce Workshop is a Christian divorce support group study that walks participants through a meaningful experience that is both faith-based and keenly focused on the issues of coping with and moving beyond the impact of divorce. It’s an effective group ministry for churches that want to make an ongoing difference in the lives and spiritual walk of those who are coping with a current or past divorce.

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10 Things You Need to Know to Help People who Hurt from Divorce

Get this important PDF and gain ten critical insights that will help you minister to those who hurt from divorce.

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Pastor Testimony

6 Reasons Churches Choose Peace after Divorce

  1. In eight in-person or virtual sessions Peace after Divorce helps participants see how divorce-related emotions, thoughts, and actions are intertwined and how prayerful decision making in these areas is key to moving forward with their lives.  Peace after Divorce targets both those who are hurting from a current divorce as well as those who still carry wounds from a past divorce, no matter how long ago.
  2. Content is rooted in the realities of divorce as well as what God’s word tells us about how to cope with life’s related challenges.
  3. Principles can be used over and over again as each person navigates their personal journey. Consequently, the positive life-changing impact extends well beyond the end of the study.
  4. Each step of the way participants are encouraged to talk with God about their own situation and how best to deal with it.
  5. Personal growth is enhanced by grace-filled encouragement and peer support in group meetings that can be facilitated by volunteers. Peace after Divorce groups have proven effective across denominational lines.  Recommended meeting time is 90-minutes per session.
  6. Downloadable session videos and facilitator materials are available to you upon order and are each no more than 20-minutes long allowing ample time for group discussion. Two downloadable promo videos, leader handbook, support documents, and a bonus session video for parents are included with your purchase. Participant books may be ordered through Amazon or other book vendors saving on shipping costs. A book order link is provided once you order facilitator material.

divorce support groupThe book Peace after Divorce used with this study has been recognized as an exemplary Christian book by the Illumination Book Awards. Session videos reinforce and enrich book content.

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Offer a practical and spiritual journey toward healing, joy, and peace after divorce.

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