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Here’s What You Get:

  • Facilitator Handbook with discussion questions, detailed facilitator tips, and more
  • 8 Session Videos (15-20 minutes each)
  • 2 Promo Videos
  • Promo Tips and a Customizable Brochure Document
  • Support Documents
  • Bonus Video Session for Parents: Helping Children Cope

Two Options for Ordering Books:

  1. Order books for your group and then charge participants for the books.  ORDER HERE
  2. Have participants sign up in advance and order their own books. Just provide them this link: https://www.peaceafterdivorce.com/books/  Giving them the link is important because it goes directly to the newly released updated version of the book that will be used with the workshop.

Note: Each facilitator and each participant will need a copy of the participant book.  We suggest churches order a book for each facilitator and a few for anyone who is financially unable to purchase the book.

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  • Start a Group! Facilitate the Peace after Divorce workshop at your church! All leader materials are downloaded giving you immediate access. Here's what's included: Facilitator Handbook with Discussion Questions, Facilitation Tips, and more; 8 Downloadable Video Sessions; Promotional & Support Documents; 2 Downloadable Promo Videos; BONUS VIDEO SESSION: Helping Children Cope. Participant books are ordered separately via your preferred online book vendor.
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